SharePoint and Social Media Goes Together for Unlimited Benefits of Businesses

SharePoint and Social Media Goes Together for Unlimited Benefits of Businesses

The social media has become an inextricable part of modern lifestyle. With millions of people using major social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin on a daily basis, the social media has also become an effective medium of web-based communication and information sharing. The social networking platforms have further enabled companies to promote their products and services by targeting customers residing in different regions.

At the same time, many businesses also use social media to stay connected with their existing customers and potentials, along with gathering their suggestions, feedback and views. The huge popularity of social media has further made it essential for each business to choose a content management system that allows them boost public relations by availing the benefits of social media. Unlike the conventional file sharing softwares, the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint offers a variety of functions related to social media and collaboration.

In addition to seamlessly sharing data among your distributed team mambers, clients, vendors and other stakeholders, you can also use SharePoint features to build a customized social media portal for your business just like Facebook. The My Sites feature further enables your employees to create and edit their individual profile pages, and synchronize theire profile with the Active Directory. They can further create public profile to make share both personal and professional information with cowoekers and clients resding in other countries. The social media feature of Share Point has made it easier for a business to avail the combined benefits of social media and an innovative content management system. This makes the search for “Top companies in Sharepoint” rise to gigantic global numbers.

Singificant Advantages of SharePoint Social Features

Centralized Location to Store All Your Conten: Each user wants to store all his files in a central location where the information can be accessed easily by others. The My Sites features allow users to have a central location for their personal and professional information. Microsoft has further optimized the features to make it easier for users to access the required information without putting any extra time and effort.

You also have options to use the default Team Template to see links for Sites, Newsfeed and SkyDrive on the top of the page. These links will make it easier for users to quickly navigate within the My Site. Once you make these sites available on several templates, the members of your distributed team can easily navigate from the content related to a specific team or project. Also, they can easily collabaorate the information with their personal account.

Easy to Organize, Access and Share Your Data: Many users look for easier options to organize their content, rather than linking the content to their personal account. Share Point   suuports a concept knows as Follow. The feature enables users to easily and quicky add links and references to specific files on their individual My Sites. At the same time, you can use the features to easily follow documents, people, tags and sites within SharePoint. Based on the things you want to follow, you can see the icon directly that will make it easier for you to access the content in future.

For instance, if your project requires you to create and review new documents, the Follow concept will make it easier for you to add reference to the existing as well as new content. Also, you can review the documents easily by seeing your newsfeed updated. Simialarly, your suggestions and feedback can be viewed by other team members through their newsfeed updates. So they can easily decide the content that they have to rely on, instead of navigating through the entire site.

Options to Start and Continue Conversations: The Share Point further allows users to discuss the content by posting, and responding to comments. When one opens his newsfeed, he can view the information on different categories. The section will also see the things that you follow under each catergory. Along with following the content, you can use the feature to interact with other users directly from the site. You can simply add the @ symbol before the name of the specific post, and make it easier for others to find the global address. Also, the mentioned users will get email notifications informing them about the update.

Further, when you create a new team site, it will by default contain a newsfeed. The newsfeed can be used by your teammates to discuss the content. As all your contents are located in a cental place, your coworkers can easily iniatiate a conversation, and participate in discussions. Your colleagues also have options to interact with each other by sending emails. But the interactions through newsfeed will complement the needs of all users. Also, the conversations will remain more centralized within your team or project content.

By John Benson

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