Single Event Insurance For Event Coordinators

Single Event Insurance For Event Coordinators

Single event insurance is great for event coordinators and business people who do not regularly hold large events. Buying a one time use policy allows you to keep yourself protected without the long term contracts and ongoing insurance premiums. This kind of insurance is normally paid for in one lump sum at the beginning of the event. For example of you were having a three day community fair lasting Friday through Sunday you would pay before the event and then never pay again.

This makes it easier to get the coverage you need and prevents ongoing bills for something you are not using.

Single event insurance policies can usually be obtained for events lasting from one day to one year, but anything longer than that usually requires a longer term, closer to permanent policy. No matter what kind of event you are planning a professional event insurance broker can help you get the coverage you need to keep you and your company safe in case something untoward happens. No one wants to think about the possibility of something bad happening but insurance companies are there for exactly that reason. They are busy thinking about the worst case scenario so that you don’t have to fret over it.

Single event insurance is perfect for any number of different events like craft shows, culture festivals, farmers markets, flea markets, and lectures, but it is also great for things like weddings and big birthday parties. Your event insurance can help protect you against things like personal injury, property damage, and a number of other disasters that can occur when you plan a large event whether it’s public or private. Insurance might be the most important step when are planning any event because of the repercussions of not having any. If you have ever thrown a party without insurance you likely know what we mean.

Single event insurance can help protect you again injuries that happen as a result of negligence, over drinking, food poisoning, or even property damage and other things. If it is the least bit possible to be sued as a result of your event you really need to get the insurance to protect yourself, your family and your company. Being sued as a result of an injury can very easily run into the millions as a result of medical bills, legal fees and ongoing disability compensation, not to mention pain and suffering. Millions from your pocket can easily sink a person personally and professionally; insurance is a must in today’s day and age.

Single event insurance should be considered by anyone who throws occasional events like large parties, community fairs, and even swap meets or flea markets. The small amount it costs to get insured can potentially save you millions in court. If you are planning an event you cannot afford to not have the proper insurance in place. Keep yourself, your family, and your company safe from financial ruin, get the insurance today, don’t wait until it’s too late.

By   Daniel  Austin

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