Small Business Owner Wanting to Expand Business More Rapidly

Small Business Owner Wanting to Expand Business More Rapidly

Are you a small business owner?

Have you spent several years in an industry and then started your own business. Maybe you spent time working as a carpet cleaning technician working at Sears and started your own company one day. Maybe you spent time working in some great restaurants and one day took the plunge to open your own. BUT NOW!! you need to expand sales, say 15% OR MORE PER YEAR, MONTH, maybe say in 1 week! Can it be done?

Would you like to learn how one entrepreneur in a country built numerous businesses in a period of weeks. How about building a business that doubles in 6 weeks, a regular retail business. How about a service or resource business that expands with the population exponentially.

How about building a regular store business that has customers coming from all over the country. Customers that come from every province and/or state. Customers that fly in to your particular location, because you can provide them what they want, when they want! How would you do that?

Well there are many secrets of the trade. A few generic outline requirements follow:

Customer Service Plan

Employee Organization Systems Structure

Company Goals and Objectives

Systems, Software and Technology Solutions

Note: some entrepreneurs have done this with none of the above, just a sales pad, shirt, pants, pair of socks and shoes. Add in a dose of creativity, sales technique and maybe a car or plane and who knows what is possible.
P.S., bring two pairs of socks, you’ll need them.

Seriously though, for the everyday business owner that wants to expand a little quicker, wants to generate a little more income, maybe help the family out a little sooner. What do you need to do it quicker?

Well in retail, a lot is about presentation, sales, customer service and product selection. If you can master these topics you can expand at a quicker pace. Customer service is a very key ingredient though, because it will help you build a loyal customer base. This is multifaceted and there are various books on customer service and service industry businesses.

In restaurants it is also about presentation, sales, customer service but food selection and quality. A good restaurant like any good retail store will have a special theme or a niche they serve, hopefully one that is unique to your local market.

There are many ways to expand the business rapidly, you could bring in professional salespeople or manager’s with expertise, but this could be costly.

Another way would be to devise a system, a system that you refine, over and over again, one that will mould your business into what will make it successful.

Unfortunately, many business owners reach a plateau or a level of sufficient achievement or existence.

What really takes it to the next level though is understanding what it is about your particular business or location that makes it special! Why do people come to your business instead of going across the street and how do they know to always come back.

It takes hours, days, months and years to understand what works best for your business. The following are some good tips to get you started.

1. Devise a customer service strategy from beginning to end of the transaction.

2. Design how your office is going to be organized in terms of most efficiency for daily routines in your company and the customer.

3. Get to know and develop your best employees and reward them.

Three little things that will help get you started. Above all realize that you may be the director of the business BUT THE STAFF are the implementers. How you choose to make decisions in the future will affect your future success. Choose wisely, and most of all have fun, it is an adventure.

7 out of 10 businesses FAIL in the first year.
2 more in year two.
The ones who revise, get assistance and innovate SURVIVE.

The ones who want to THRIVE will take a second look at the above comments.

“The ones who want to build something greater than them, but are not of them are the ones that succeed the most.”

By Michael Williams

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