The 5 Rules for a Business Leader – Your Only Competitive Advantage

The 5 Rules for a Business Leader – Your Only Competitive Advantage

The global market place is making it difficult to separate yourself on the competitive landscape. Everyone is looking for that edge that will allow them to standout in the crowd. Unfortunately, businesses are looking to products, slogans, tag lines and other substitutes instead of looking within the organization.

The Values, Beliefs and Attitudes of the organization are the only true area of a business that can not be replicated by your competitors. This is where you true competitive advantage lies.

Here are five rules you can apply that will allow you to separate yourself from your competitors.

Rule 1: Ensure your personal values and your organization’s values are congruent.

My clients conduct a quick exercise. They first tell me the one value that best describes their one core belief. It’s funny after they conduct the exercise that their actual value is different from their perceived value. Then I have them compare this against their organization’s values. It’s important to ensure that they are congruent. Otherwise, you can never really reach your full potential.

Rule 2: Ensure you live, model and exhibit your organization’s values.

It is imperative that leaders set the example. The behaviors that you want from your employees are based on the values that you reward, model and exhibit.

Rule 3: Ensure you interpret both the values and value of your organization for your employees.

Values and value need to be interpreted for all stakeholders. We all use the “if-then” test to define our values and the value we provide. If – you keep me informed, Then – you are loyal. If – I am promoted, Then – I provide value to my company. We all use this test, but our definitions are different. That’s why it is important to define them for all stakeholders.

Rule 4: Ensure you hire values-fit individuals.

When you hire values-fit individuals the first time, it keeps your recruitment, retention, training and a series of other costs significantly reduced. Assessments are one tool to help you with this portion of the hiring process.

Rule 5: Remind and reinforce your employees throughout the year of the organization’s values and value.

Just as soldiers train, train, train all of our battle drills; we consistently remind and reinforce our tactical procedures to the point they are second nature. Business need to adopt the same mindset regarding their values and value. This will ensure all employees are able to articulate them to each other, customers and the public.

What do you stand to lose if you don’t implement these rules?

Employees who will be passionate about their work and give their very best and not just show up for a paycheck
An efficient and productive workforce
Loyal employees and customers
A thriving business enterprise
Your competitive advantage

By Michael Williams

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