The Art of Natural Selling

The Art of Natural Selling

Are you receiving a big NO every time you present to somebody your Business opportunity? What happens? Why are they saying no to you without even listening what you have to offer? Developing an effective way of communicating is one of the biggest challenges that Network Marketers face and is one of the biggest causes for them to give up on their Home Businesses.

Engaging in a non stressful dialogue with another person where the conversation flows freely comes when you’re detached from any specific outcome and you talk to the other person with a different purpose. You come from a place of “inner peace” and with a real intention of helping that person discover and encourage themselves to make a change. The skill of communicating effectively and being successful in bringing new people to your network could be learn throughout the Natural Selling Method created by Michael Oliver.

  1. Oliver marks 4 Universal Principles for a Natural Successful Selling:

#1. “Helping Other People To Solve Their Problems”.

The purpose of your business needs to be to help others to find a solution to an actual problem that she/he might have. You have a product or service that solves that person’s problem, otherwise why should that person do business with you? So when your real intention is to help, you detached yourself from the actual sale and as a consequence your anxiety disappears. You are just having a dialogue, a nice conversation and creating real opportunities for both of you.

#2. “Listening To What Is being Meant, not Just What Is being Said”.

This principle involves the actual action of true Listening. Don’t think of what you’re going to say, ask or when you’re going to present your opportunity. Guess what? People can feel when you’re honest; people can feel that you’re not really interested in them but just in your wonderful business opportunity! So you’re making them to reject you. Instead just listen carefully and in return they will listen to you.

#3. “How to Ask The Right Questions At The Right Time”.

Correct questions are non intrusive and non intimidating, you’re not triggering emotions to manipulate them into buying from you. When you’re asking them questions about themselves you’re allowing them to tell out loud what they need, but most importantly they’re telling themselves, you don’t have to convince them as they discover by themselves what they need to solve their problem.

#4. “Feeding Back What You Think You Heard They Want”.

Feeding back what you heard will make you clarify what you think you heard, it will demonstrate to that person that you were really paying attention and that you understand where they are coming from. You will gain their permission to tell them about what could be a solution to their needs.

Understanding these principles and how to manage them will come just with practice and more practice. You will get to a point where the conversation will be natural, like talking to a friend, you will understand their problems and they will come to a logical conclusion that is similar to the one that you had when you decided to get involved in your business so it will motivate them to take action.

By  Julian  Bush

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