The Attitude Change and Persuasion

The Attitude Change and Persuasion

What is attitude? Attitude is a manner of thought and feelings. It is the behavior. A lot of people say that an attitude is very hard to change. Many say also that you can change yourself. I mean you’re the only one that can change your own attitude. Maybe they are right. But the question is how? Attitude is important not just in our daily living but also in our world of business.

Attitude can be change through the power of persuasion. Yes, that answers the question on how can you change such attitude. Attitude composed of the affective response, behavioral response and cognitive response. I’m going to tell you how persuasion gets through each of this responses and how persuasion could change this things.

Persuasion can change the affective responses. What is this affective response? Affective response comprised of an individual’s attitudes and beliefs and their motivation and confidence to move. It means that the power of persuasion can change the emotional state of your prospects. In marketing and sales this is important. Here’s a simple tip for you. When you are persuading, you can add some emotional or motivational or inspirational statements that can trigger the affective response then that’s the time you can lead them and start influencing.

Another thing is persuasion is powerful to change behavioral responses. The behavior of a person is really very hard to predict. Sometimes we can see how a person behaves through his actions and also through verbal indications. With the help of persuasion, you will be able to see that clearly and now you have the power to change it.

The last thing is that persuasion can change the cognitive response your client has. When your prospects receive persuasive information, he is faced with the decision of accepting or rejecting the persuasion and then he may attempt to relate the new information to his existing knowledge. The cognitive response is there and it is changed because of the factual, honest and informative persuasion. That’s the time to start harvesting and getting what you want.

By    Daniel   Blare

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