The Pithy Approach – A Succinct Marketing Message

The Pithy Approach – A Succinct Marketing Message

Advertising your company or product can be a daunting task. We have spoken before about the steps involved to be successful. Everyone wants to be unique and have an ad like no one else’s.

While emulating another is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, in marketing circles that simply does not work. To be remembered you must market your wares in a way that is memorable.

A half century ago, advertising was relegated to newspapers, magazines and billboards. If you had an idea or service to offer, your marketing options were limited. Companies grew more by word of mouth than idealized commercials or more current and cutting edge venues. Most were limited to serving their local communities and nationwide expansion was practically unheard of.

Along came the digital age. The term ‘thinking outside the box’ was a catch phrase bandied about in boardrooms and marketing departments around the world. Companies were trying to determine how they can become the industry leader in a world that had gone advertising mad. What concept is going to be the one to not just open the box, but make it explode into tiny pieces?

Companies spend a lot of money annually in their advertising budgets. There are times though that for the large corporation, the spending is not about the message as much as it is the format they choose to show it. While you could find different and uncommon ways to get marketing messages to the populous, smaller companies with limited advertising budgets must instead relay upon the message and not the messenger.

How then do you create an outstanding marketing message?

Make your message short, sweet and to the point. Looking for maximum impact in your advertising does not mean having to give maximum information all at one time. Sometimes the axiom ‘less is more’ fits. In today’s world of sound-bites, blurbs and tweets, getting a message across in a pithy manner can be impactful too.

Use succinct language to draw clients in and have them wanting more. Give them more by sending them to informational landing pages on your website or emailing for particulars. Asking the public to call only is never a good idea as it will not only tie up your customer service staff but it will also shed you in a not so favorable light. Most people prefer to view information about a product or service instead of calling unless they are ready to purchase. Instead put your phone number in any marketing medium as an addition and not as a sole information director. Then watch the increase in marketing conversions.

By  John Hester

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