The Three Reasons Why you Never Found the Work you were Born For

The Three Reasons Why you Never Found the Work you were Born For

· Are you an entrepreneur who hasn’t started their own business venture yet?

· Are you a writer who struggles to turn up on the page regularly?

· Are you a painter who isn’t putting brush to canvass?

· Do you know what you are called to do, but keep talking yourself out of it or keep procrastinating?

Then you already know resistance; it is the internal force that thwarts and undermines you and stops you living what you were born for. It can even be the ways you actively sabotage your success.

I want to share with you a single insight that that could help you start transforming your work, career and business: The thing you are most resisting being or doing is probably the thing that would most fulfil you and you could probably be successful at. It’s probably where you’d shine. You are resisting your vocation, your destiny and the work you were born for.

Your desire to discover the work you were born for is your most natural and heartfelt wish to experience the full expression of your gifts and hidden talents, to take up your true place in life, to contribute to the welfare and success of others, and for you yourself to prosper in the process. It’s a spiritual impulse. When you find it and live it, you open the doors to great fulfilment and prosperity.

Yet relatively few people do. Their resistance wins over their inspiration.

So what is this force of resistance? It may seem like your capacity to resist seems to be a greater force than your inspiration, but it needn’t be when you understand the dynamics of resistance.

Here are the three things you must understand about your resistance so you can see through it to your greatness on the other side:

Secret number 1. Resistance is not a character defect on your part, but simply part of the operating software of being human

For years I was unhappy, my life run by resistance and I didn’t even realise. knew I wanted to leave my corporate job and I knew in my heart I wanted to leave and start my own entrepreneurial venture, but I was terrified. I kept procrastinating, talking myself out of it and creating drama in my life to avoid following the work I was born for. In my experience, nearly every human being experiences resistance to a greater or lesser degree. .

Secret number 2. The more important something is to you and your soul’s evolution or creative growth, the more likely you are to resist it

Resistance points you at what you care about and to your own greatness. If you didn’t care, and if it wasn’t important, why even bother to resist? You’d just be indifferent. So start to become aware that your resistance can actually become a pointer, a way of navigating your work and life. The more important something is, the more it is likely to inspire you, the more likely you are to experience resistance around it. Your resistance is a pointer to your latent talent and your destiny.

Secret number 3. What you are most resisting is success and your greatness

When you stop yourself moving forward in your life it is usually because you believe that by not acting you are saving yourself from potential pain. You fear failure, looking stupid and making lousy decisions. But this is just a smokescreen. Resistance wants to hide your greatness from you, by keeping you distracted with fear. Crazy as it may sound, you may be even more afraid of your light, your power, creativity and how bright you could shine.

But your destiny is to live in extraordinary life, not an ordinary one. Your greatness is on the other side of your resistance. You need to beat your resistance for your own joy and fulfilment and the world needs you to beat your resistance so it can benefit from your gifts and talents. It’s time to play big.

By Michael Williams

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