The Three Simple Tactics Proven To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

The Three Simple Tactics Proven To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Blogging has become a huge part of the Internet. It’s no stranger for us to see and visit blogs while we’re surfing online. Blogs are written by people for personal nature, business, hot topics about the world, current affairs and so on.

Since the advent of Web 2.0, blogs have benefited from this new generation of the Internet, because it provides for them the necessary traffic needed for readership, or for the purpose of making sales. Web 2.0 and other search engine strategies has made it easier for bloggers to input social softwares and other networking sites to build up their business.

The three tactics that can help you increase your blog traffic are:

1. Squidoo

Squidoo is a social networking site similar to MySpace. How Squidoo works is by creating a lens that allows you to use it for personal or business use. A lens is like a blog, but the articles you post on the lens can be rearranged according to your preference.

But how can Squidoo provide you with traffic to your blog?

According to Alexa rankings, Squidoo is ranked one of the top 700 sites in the world. Squidoo lets you create keyword tags and when you place it on your lens, is automatically optimized for search engine rankings. Web 2.0 components such as RSS and Digg help in the promotion of your lens. Thus, the lens you build can generate traffic.

What you should do is to link up your lens and your blog. Create a URL link in the profile of your lens and in the introduction of your lens. Show your lens visitors that you want them to visit your blog.

Work up your lens to the ranks of the Top 100 lens of Squidoo or the top lenses in your niche or category. Your lens will then get a lot of exposure and this is how you can get more traffic.

2. Keyword-Focused Content

Search for keywords related to your niche and place them at least three to four times in your article. It is preferable to have one specific keyword phrase and put it once in the introduction, twice in the article body and lastly in the conclusion.

By doing this, search engines such as Google and social bookmarking engines such as Technorati wouldn’t have much trouble finding your post and get visitors to come to your blog.

3. Tag and Ping

Tag and Ping is a powerful Web 2.0 traffic generation feature. The first thing you should do is to tag the keywords, keyword phrase or keywords related to your post and link them up to social bookmarking sites such as Technorati. By tagging, not only are you linking up your blog with a high-ranking and authoritative site, your blog can be easily found when people search for your content by typing in the keywords you used to tag your post.

Subsequently, ping your post. By pinging your post, you are letting social bookmarking sites such as Technorati and know that you have updated your blog, and your regular visitors will be notified of your update, and will head down to your website.

These three traffic generation tactics are very simple to apply. I’ve heard a lot of people fuss about not receiving a lot of traffic on their blogs. With the power of Web 2.0 tools and strategies, it is easier now for blogs to be found. Learn more about these tools and master them to increase the traffic generation to your blog.

By John Benson

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