The Top 5 Most Effective Persuasion Technique in Closing More Sales to Get What You Want

The Top 5 Most Effective Persuasion Technique in Closing More Sales to Get What You Want

What do you mean by closing sales? I believe a lot of business man, sales person and entrepreneurs knew about what closing a sales means and how it works and how it is done.

Closing a sales means that a sales person is making an agreement with the customer on the product he is selling. This is the most critical part in selling because this is the part that will distinguish if your product will be bought or not.

There are a lot of persuasion techniques in closing sales but I will give you the top 5 most effective.

The first is persuasive adjournment closing. During your persuasion, it doesn’t mean that you need to do all the talking and you are not giving time for your client to respond and think about it. This might irritate them and they might not like you. After doing the closing sales, give time for your client to think about it and if they ask for more information about your product then start talking again.

The second is a persuasive bonus closing technique. I myself found this technique being used by a lot of sales person. This technique means that you are offering a delightful bonuses or additional free items to clinch the deal. Example on this is when you persuade a customer, you can give a free bag with the name or logo of your business and this might add advertisement to your products or an additional free item if the customer decided to purchase one.

The third is a persuasive economic closing. In this technique, you must offer your customer to pay less for what he purchased or help your customer pay it not in full. What i mean about this is for example you are selling a $1000 item and your customer cannot afford to buy that at that time but he shows willingness to it, so you can offer him to pay it in monthly bases without interest. Your customer will really love to buy it the time you said it and that words paying without interest helps a lot.

The fourth is the persuasive emotional closing. During your closing sales, you can add some emotional persuasion that can trigger the emotion of your client. There are a lot of things that are hidden behind the emotions of a person. Sometimes you need to touch that in order to get what you want.

The last is a persuasive empathy closing. Not all your selling transaction that you are getting a YEs and this is true. But when you customer says no to you, you must not be discourage and then just turn around from your customer. All of us has a friends and of course your customer too. You can empathize with your customer in whatever reason in not buying and then try to tell him if he has friends that might be interested about your product. You can give a contact number.

If you do this I a right way, your customer is very much willing to help you sell your product. Though you are not getting a ‘YES’ to buy your product but you’re getting a ‘YES’ to help you advertise your product.

By  Julian  Bush

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