The Two Most Popular Methods Of Sending SMS Adverts

The Two Most Popular Methods Of Sending SMS Adverts

SMS mobile marketing is a process by which large or small business organizations make use of short messages for advertising their products.

These text messages are usually sent in a bulk fashion to as many phone numbers as possible and these phone numbers must have already been compiled in the company’s database by carrying out a survey on the likes and dislikes of some consumers. There are other means with which they compile consumer’s phone numbers but whichever way, the company may decide to visit the network providers to which these customers are subscribed or may decide to go for the bulk SMS option.

Using Network Providers

When a company chooses this option, they go straight to the network providers to bargain and most likely pay for the short message service after which they’ll compose it and send it to the various consumers on the company’s database. The advantage of this option is that the company involved can request that customers subscribe to daily updates or alerts when new event occurs. It is completely automated in the sense that when the first batch of texts are sent to the consumers phones, they are requested to either opt in for more of similar text messages or ignore and if the customer opts in, he or she is given another option to opt out whenever they want. This method also has its disadvantage which is the fact that it is more expensive than using the bulk method.

Using The Bulk Messages Option

Today, a lot of websites have been built by sole-proprietors mostly simply because they want to make some money from bulk SMS and the fact is that it works. Bulk SMS is a process by which an organization prepares a list of phone numbers of prospective customers and prepares a short message which they’ll send at the same time to all these numbers. This option is similar to using network providers only that automation cannot be achieved. However, it is possible for the company to compose text messages which they’ll periodically send across to the phone numbers in their database informing them of the products they offer and try to compel them to make a purchase. Simply by putting “bulk SMS” in search engines, you’ll get a host of websites that offer this service in your vicinity and one good thing about this method is that it is extremely affordable.

The reason why SMS Mobile Marketing strategy became as popular as it is currently can be directly attributed to the increasing production and availability of mobile phones as well as mobile network providers. Messages received instantly by consumers anywhere they are because their mobile phones are always in their pockets. There are a lot more advantages associated with the SMS advertisement strategy but one major disadvantage which must be avoided by all companies is spamming where they keep on sending repeated messages of the same content to their prospective customers all in a bid to convince them. This doesn’t go well because most companies that engage in this art end up soiling their brand name which is obviously a terrible thing to do.

By  John Hester

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