The Type of Person That Social Media Privacy Is Best for in Every Situation

The Type of Person That Social Media Privacy Is Best for in Every Situation

Social media privacy is best for everyone. It does not matter what they do, where they live, or any other mix of factors. Everyone should have social media privacy no matter what their circumstances are in life. However, the social networks seem to think that they have the right to know everything about a user and then use that information to monetize their system. Whether they are right or not is irrelevant, it is legal under the current law structure because of the fine print that the user agrees to before using the systems.

Everyone needs social media privacy because that is what they expect when they join a social media system. The social media systems do not make it very clear how they will use the information that they gather from their users. They hide this information inside their fine print and legal babble intentionally. This is because most of the major social media systems use the demographic information to help sell their advertising.

The major key to their income is their ability to sell the information that they gather about their users. This is because knowledge is power and no other system has the power to gather information about a person with their consent. Therefore, social media is a wealth of information about a target market, their likes, their dislikes, and what types of people they associate with on a daily basis.

If this seems like a scary proposition, it is because it is really just that. The social networks have a wealth of information about everyone who uses their systems. They know more about a person and their habits than even the government does because the people who use the systems give the information to the social network without hesitation.

The truth about this fact is that most of them do not even know that they are doing it. This is the reason why the social media systems hide the information in their fine print. It would be much harder to get the information if the person knew that they were doing it. For example, if the information that social network was asking for was done by a person on the street or even a well known business, the user would still think twice about giving up the information. It would not matter if that business was a major hamburger chain or the person’s favorite clothing store if the establishment asked for a person’s list of friends and what movies they watched, the person would be unlikely to give it to the business.

However, social media is the one place where the information is given away freely with or without the user’s knowledge. The biggest asset that the major social networks have is that they have convinced the populace that the social networks should know everything about a person and their habits. There has never been another social network where a company knew so much about an individual and got them to hand over the information about themselves so easily. This is the major advantage the social networks have over all the other information methods.

Even though they do not use this information to its fullest, they are still one of the most powerful advertising mediums that a business owner can be involved with at the moment. This is because the users have little to no privacy on the networks, and this allows their advertisers to pin point a target market with scary accuracy.

By John Benson

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