There’s Leadership and There’s Leadership – What Do Your MLM Leaders Bring to the Table?

There’s Leadership and There’s Leadership – What Do Your MLM Leaders Bring to the Table?

A quote that has always stuck in my mind comes from the great Theodore Roosevelt.

“The best executive is the one who has the sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it”

A leader as per the dictionary is “a person who rules or guides or inspires others”

There's Leadership and There's Leadership - What Do Your MLM Leaders Bring to the Table?

I have been fortunate enough to be study and learn from several inspirational leaders. The tag of leader is often chased by many, worn by a lot and truly earned by few.

My simple definition is that a Leader is someone who people want to follow. Period.

Have a look at what you as a corporate leader or even an MLM leader bring to the table with you. These are just 4 of many qualities associated with our good leaders of today.

A true leader has vision. It is a vision for the future that is also communicated to a group or team. An opportunity to own a piece of this vision provides ownership whether it is in part or in full.

Either way, it acts as a true stimulus for shared results.

The level of commitment provided by your team toward goals or dreams they have collectively collaborated about will astound you.

Success can’t be achieved alone unless of course there is nobody to lead. Your mindset when leading will think in the terms of “we” and not “I”.

Being in touch with your team or group is imperative. Your vision, emotional support and technical assistance is provided in a supportive role for best results.

This is certainly not something that exists everywhere.
Recognition comes in many forms with some of them provided in a formal capacity but the majority of the real influence comes from giving credit where credit is due.

Sincere encouragement and recognition for efforts and results gains an enormous amount of respect and gratitude. Who doesn’t like the odd pat on the back? Including you, the leader.

In many ways, this is best described as taking risks. You have the vision and now you need the courage to share it and follow through with it.

Over the years I have witnessed countless scenarios whereby individuals or teams failed to take this next step. Playing to compete and playing to win are two totally different mindsets.

As an effective leader, mistakes are a natural price to pay for success. Both you and your team will make many. They are purely another learning source in the journey.

The four qualities are a very short summary of just some of the qualities possessed by our corporate and MLM leaders.

In conclusion, your top shelf leaders are very flexible; they are not only able to recognise their own strengths and get the best out of them.

But they will also change their approach to differing circumstances; they will adapt and overcome on their way to making sure that their own needs are met.

Where would we be without good leaders?

Without leaders, who would we follow?

By   Alyssa  Faber

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