Tips on How to Have Repeated Sales – Corporate Ideas?

Tips on How to Have Repeated Sales – Corporate Ideas?

Making sales talk, by either meeting in person or over the telephone does not work. Building a stronger relationship is quite essential, but how do you achieve this?

First and foremost, you must win their trust. Deliver them what they expect and try and reach above their standards of quality if not at least be on par with them. This will soon win their trust and will have repeated sales. First impression that you create is very important.

Take extra care while delivering them for the first time. For second and consecutive sales, you will know the client well and things will fall in place with just little effort from your side.

If you are ambiguous about a client’s project, do not forget to ask questions. Many will appreciate the chance to ask questions; others will be influenced by the feedback they read and how you respond to it. Remember that a positive comment or a problem which is sorted out promptly will establish you as a trustworthy seller.

Following up after every sale of a product or service is indispensable for a company’s success. It will hint them about how seriously you take them, and how much you value their business as well. You can send them your e-newsletter and update them about the new range of products or services that is added to your brand wagon.

Offer them some discounts on the next project they give you. This will encourage them to come back to you again. Bringing in sales and keeping sales are two totally different things. Bringing in sales is easy but retaining it is much more difficult.

Building trust and brand loyalty is very important. You can send them corporate gifts that are useful in their realm of expertise. You can also use it as a branding channel. If you want to create a positive and lasting impression, then the quality of the gift is important. Build rapport with them, so that they don’t return to any other company for their services. Retaining the client is highly important and you must try and impress them.

By  Julian  Bush

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