Tips to Improve Your Basic Communication Skills As a New Sales Manager

Tips to Improve Your Basic Communication Skills As a New Sales Manager

For nearly all situations especially when managing a sales team, you need enough knowledge and practice of basic communication skills, to understand and properly transmit information. I know this seems so obvious and yet when managing for the first time it is a key skill where attention to detail can make all the difference.

There are small steps you can take to improve this skill, investing a little time and little or no money at all. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your communication skills in three key areas.

1. Listening

The capability to listen properly and comprehend the speaker’s message is vital to building relationships and succeeding. It is so easy to assume you have heard what someone has said!

A) Focus intently

A good start is to focus on the speaker’s message along with their body language and overall physical expressions. This will give you a better chance to understand what is being communicated. Such as understanding, confusion, anger, happiness.

B) Listening exercises.

Google or yahoo it! There are lots of different ideas available to practice with. Listening is a skill and so it can be improved. Like anything it takes practice.

2. Writing

Basic communication skills include your ability to convey messages in writing. A good command of grammar will improve your writing style and can enhance writing techniques. As a new sales manager this is a vital skill. While spelling and grammar are important remember to think about what your outcome is with the message.

Give it some passion and enthusiasm. Add in some pictures and have space between blocks of information. Use bullet points and numbers or letters. This helps people focus on the points you really do want them to action.

Use Self-study Workbooks. To measure your caliber in writing, you can opt for using self-paced and inexpensive workbooks. These are highly efficient in building your basic communication skills in writing.

3. Speaking

The art of expressing a message in speech is probably one of the most crucial of the basic communication skills. Talking more is a great start. Now this generally is not a problem for sales managers or anyone who works in selling.The challenge is more about the impact you make with your communication that is the key element.

As a new sales manager you are moving into a different way of communicating and building relationships. Being mindful of not just what you say but also they way that you say it is vital. There is a saying, “Communication is the response that you get.”

Think about that one. Have you ever returned anything you have bought to a shop and been a little bit aggressive in your approach? Then you were surprised that the assistant was quite aggressive back or less than helpful. He or she was responding to your level/tone style of communication. It happens all the time. So what can you do? Practice practice and more practice.

By Nathan Dean

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