Top 5 Reasons For Sales Objections and 5 Hints How to Avoid in Future Selling Endeavors

Top 5 Reasons For Sales Objections and 5 Hints How to Avoid in Future Selling Endeavors

Common sales objections are the bump in the sales process road and the one that many wish to avoid like the plague. From price to quality, the obvious question is why do these barriers raise their ugly heads? Here are my top 5 reasons for why professional salesperson encounter these challenges and some hints to avoid them in the future

Number 5 – Failed to do your homework

Before you reached out to call on that potential customer (a.k.a. prospect) did you do your homework relative to the individual, the company, the local economy, etc.? Failure to conduct the necessary research may show up as you are presenting your case. Then it is too late.

Hint: Having a written marketing plan along with a written sales plan can help overcome this common reason.

Number 4 – Poorly qualified potential customer (a.k.a. prospect)

Once again the element of time comes into play. Just as important in doing research about a possible client, it is also necessary to invest the time to qualify your target market. Over the years, these were the common criteria:

Decision Maker



In recent years, a fourth criterion has been added that being “urgency.” However, I believe in today’s workplace, a fifth qualifier has emerged – commitment.

Hint: A written executive marketing summary may help you avoid this common challenge.

Number 3 – Lack of a firmly established relationship

People buy from people they know and trust. Without having a firmly established and positive relationship, the desired end result to increase sales simply will not happen. President T. Roosevelt was quoted as saying: No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Hint: Focus on your marketing efforts because creating awareness about you or your company or your products and services always comes before selling.

Number 2 – Violated the sales process

Just as the favorite recipe from a cherished relative, a sales process is a series of specific steps or actions that begin with that first encounter and ends with the follow-up. Each step within the process should have specific goals as well as skills sets associated with that step. When a sequential step is skipped, the results usually suggest a delayed in earning the sale or no sale at all.

Hint: Commit your sales process to writing, determine the specific goals for each step and specific skill sets necessary to move from one step to the next.

Number 1 – Poor execution of self-leadership or interpersonal skills (people or soft skills) especially active listening

Many will say that a lack of sales skills is the number one reason for sales objections. However from my own experience, the ability to be proficient with self-leadership or interpersonal competencies will always trump the technical aspects of selling. If you are not engaged in active listening, then you will probably miss critical elements necessary to earn the contract or purchase order.

Hint: By knowing what your talents are, you can leverage those talents and improve your overall people quotient intelligence or what is also called emotional intelligence.

In the final analysis, I believe that well over 90% (probably closer to 99%) of all sales objections can be traced directly to the salesperson. When you accept that you are the obstacle to your own sales success, then and only then, will you be able to realize your goal to increase sales.

By  Devin  Mason

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