Use of Social Media in Internet Marketing

Use of Social Media in Internet Marketing

The use of social media or social network service is a crucial aspect of internet marketing. In fact, social media sites like Facebook and twitter have revolutionized the whole concept of communicating with people over the internet and they have emerged as effective tool for marketing managers to connect to a niche audience. Before understanding how you can use the internet social network service for the purpose of internet marketing, it is important to understand the general concept of social media. Only after knowing the general concept of social network service, you will be able to find the proper application of social network service in internet marketing.

General concept of social media

Social networking sites are places where people get grouped according to their choice of friends and acquaintances. Since these groups of people share common interests and choices so they form a niche of their own. Common friends and friends of friends come together to establish even larger groups, who again connect varieties of these niches to each other. Therefore, it becomes exceedingly convenient for the marketing manager to gain access to the group of people who can help the manager to sell his wares.

The search option of social media sites are extremely helpful in locating these niches and an expert manager can get connected to his audience very fast by effectively using the search option for groups or communities on the social networking sites. Although the access to social media groups is only possible by invitation from the group coordinator or any group member, yet the marketer can send messages to the group coordinator without being a part of the group. This send message option is the most crucial tool in using social network service for internet marketing.

Be a member

Be a member of as many social networking sites as you can and use your membership prudently to connect to your audience. However, it is necessary to remember that each social networking site has a different character of own and the member should be able to identify the characteristics pattern of the site. For instance, the social media spaces Facebook and orkut are largely different in their appearance and approach and the marketing manager must be able to acknowledge and recognize this difference in approach to be successful in social media management.

In this respect, what you have to remember that people are looking for friends on social networking sites and not towards business offers necessarily in the social networking sites. Therefore, you have to convince your intention to the members of the group. Making your profile interesting and being honest with yourself is an important criterion of networking. For instance, if your intention is networking then maintain ‘networking’ and not ‘friendship’ in your Facebook profile page.

Take care of reputation

An interesting feature of social media sites is that it permits other members of the site to block you or to report against you. Therefore, you have to be cautious and careful when you are trying for networking in social media sites. Remember to be polite and truthful when choosing your communities. This is because when people will look for you, they will try to judge you by the nature of your community memberships. If your memberships are not friendly then they will judge you to be unfriendly too.

By Andrew Adamson

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