Use The Right Keyword Strategy To Get More Traffic

Use The Right Keyword Strategy To Get More Traffic

Your keyword strategy is extremely important when putting together your website to get the most traffic possible. Keywords are what the search engines use to rank your web pages. For example, if your site is about “web traffic”, you would use the following keyword phrases; targeted web traffic, paid web traffic, increase web traffic, etc.

Use The Right Keyword Strategy To Get More Traffic

If your web pages are not ranking as high as they should be in the search engines, implement the keyword strategy in this article to get higher rankings.

In the past, it was the belief that if you used every keyword that you could find to describe your site, using various software tools and many online programs, that you would rank high for many keyword phrases. However, using many keyword phrases will not necessarily get you a high ranking. Why?

Well, let’s examine what happens when the search engines come to your site. The search engines are looking for pages that match what the web surfer has typed in the search box. The search engines need to be as accurate as possible so that the user has a good search experience. If the search engines don’t come up with pages that are relevant to what the surfer is looking for, the surfer will go to another search engine.

Now, let’s imagine that you are the search engine. You are the one who needs to find the correct pages for the webs surfer. If a web surfer types in a phrase and you have hundreds or thousands of web pages to list for that surfer, how do you determine that the page is pertinent? If the web pages have many different keywords, you may not be sure what that page is all about so you would be more inclined to rank that page lower on the list because you aren’t sure. Now, if you scan a page and that page has a particular keyword phrase listed a few times, you would be inclined to think that was the subject of the page. So, you would rank that page higher.

For example, if you are trying to find a page about “web traffic” for a web surfer and you came upon a page that mentions “web traffic” many times, you would probably list that page among the top listings. This is a very, very simple way of describing what happens.

It’s not as simple as that, but your web pages would rank much higher if you used a single keyword phrase on each page than many keyword phrases on all pages. The search engines would automatically know what your page is all about.

So, how do you use this technique? You need to have a keyword phrase for each page of your website. Use that keyword phrase in the heading, sub-headings, the text on the page, the title, the page title tag and all meta tags. If you do this, you will not confuse the search engines. They will know exactly what you are talking about.

So, don’t use hundreds of keywords to get your pages to rank high. Use one good long tail keyword phrase per page to rank high. You will notice an increase in traffic.

This keyword strategy also works well if you are using Google AdWords. Just use a few keywords. You will get a much better and cheaper click through rate. Your ads will be more relevant.

So, in summary, go for one long tail keyword phrase for each page of your website and use it in the headings, the title, the meta tags and the text on your site. Your site will rank higher in the search engines because it will be more relevant. Also, the more keywords you try to stuff into your webpage, the more your page will look like spam to the search engines. Use this keyword strategy and you will have much more success with your rankings.

By  Robert  Holiday

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