We Need Leaders, Not Managers

We Need Leaders, Not Managers

What I see in business today is an amazing flurry of activity and energy being expelled to keep everything afloat. We have projects being undertaken that are to take out costs. We have loads of consultants busy doing process re-engineering to make us more efficient. We are mad busy renegotiating terms with our suppliers to shave a few bob here and there. Lots of activity, but is that what we need more than anything else right now?

Of course we must make ourselves and our businesses more effective, but that is just doing what we have always been doing, but just doing it a little bit better! But right now, a “little bit better” just won’t be enough!

What we need are leaders, men and women with vision and the leadership skills to motivate and encourage others to follow that vision into what may well be unchartered waters! Where are these leaders? Are they the people with the CEO and Chairman titles? Is that where leadership belongs? In my view, these people with those titles should possess leadership skills but leadership belongs at every level in the business and in life!

Our Business Schools are brilliant at growing and developing “Managers”, but how much emphasis is put on developing leadership skills? I suggest not as much as it should be! We are not short of managers, we are in desperate need of leaders!

But, how do we grow and develop leaders? Is there some school, or process, or courses you can go on to become a great leader? Well, all of these may help but it is not enough! Because to become a great leader, you first must become a great person and that is down to your commitment, and my commitment, to grow and develop ourselves to become the best you (and me!) possible!

That requires dedication and commitment to grow every day. So, if today you have not committed to grow and be a little better today at something of value, then you are not growing into being a leader! But, if every day is a commitment to personal growth, then the world will have the leaders it needs.

By   Nathan  Dean

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