What Is Insurance Lead Management?

What Is Insurance Lead Management?

There are tons of terms and “descriptions” for products and new idea movements throughout any industry. In the insurance industry, there are acronyms and funny names for everything. From forms with numbers, to provider, to non-standard and standard company name deviations. It is a crazy world.

A lead management system should be designed specifically for your sales staff to make their selling efforts easier, store information, and provide a higher level of tracking information. Lead management is exactly what the title says, tracking of your prospects. Client management systems are for post sale management and document storage. A producer’s job is to sell. Don’t clutter their day with a thick client management system that has ten times more information than they need but are required to work around make the selling process more difficult. Enable your producers to sell, and watch the rewards!

A lead management system should cut down on the producer’s work and decrease the time to sell a policy. Some systems can automatically take information from a website or online lead source. Make sure that you can data enter leads and import an excel spreadsheet also. The easier it is to put information in, the faster the producer can get to sell a policy.

Look for the ability to schedule emails or a series of marketing events. Staying in front of your prospects is vital to selling a policy. Make sure your lead management system has the ability to schedule emails, create reminders, and drip emails to make sure that the prospect has multiple opportunities to see the company name and respond easily. Producers making contact is the key component to selling more policies.

Utilize reports to keep up on all your prospects and market to them based on expiration dates, openings in the market, and region of your area. A good lead management system helps you to keep you investment that you are currently making in obtaining leads. Tracking where your leads come from, what the close ratio is and how much is spent on these endeavors is vital to spending marketing dollars wisely.

By Michael Williams

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