What Is Liability Insurance?

What Is Liability Insurance?

Are you in business for yourself or do you work as an independent contractor? Imagine this for a moment…

You own a business and a young child falls and breaks his leg on your property. This is an incident that will have you asking, what is liability insurance? If you have it you will be protected from the high cost of lawyers to defend you and the medical bills you will have to pay for this child if you lose your case in court.

This is the reality of the world we live in. People sue because their coffee is too hot or because they are too stupid to look where they are going. It must be the companies fault because I slipped and fell over my own feet on their property. Nobody is willing to take blame for their own actions and this is why they want to call one of the bottom feeding lawyers that deal with personal injury cases and sue.

If they sue your business there is a good chance they will put you out of business or at least cause some damage to your growth. They will make you have to pay for lawyers and if you lose you will have to pay for the settlement amount or the court ordered amount that is determined.

This can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars and can put you right out of business. You can, however protect yourself with liability insurance. This insurance will protect you from these lawsuits and can protect your employees from accidents and lawsuits as well.

You can choose the level of coverage you want and your liability insurance will even cover some or all of your attorney fees. This insurance can keep you from going out of business over something as stupid as being sued because you serve coffee that is too hot.

So, to answer what is liability insurance, you can only come up with one thing. It is your life, your business, your integrity, and your all time protection. It is what you need to stay in business and stay protected. It is better to have liability insurance and never use it, than to not have it and get sued and ran right out of your business.

By Robert    Watson

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