What to Do With Leads That Don’t Know You

What to Do With Leads That Don’t Know You

We received an email the other day from one of our members that wanted to leverage their leads more profitably.

They informed us that they run a floral and decor rental company in Maryland serving weddings and special events. They also let us know that they had a two different list of leads. The first lead list is a list brides that attended a bridal show. The other leads where a result of advertising on a wedding website that brides register and visit. Both of these list of leads included their home address, email address and wedding date.

Leads Tip #1 – Understanding the strengths each list have

In this specific lead list the most important information our Entrepreneur had beyond the contact information was the wedding date.

When ever your marketing to a list you want to create a deadline of some kind when ever you can. Without some kind of deadline your marketing isn’t holding half the power it can. Because there is a huge percentage of your list that will procrastinate a purchase decision until its forgotten unless they feel they will loose out because of some kind of deadline.

Leads Tip #2 – Getting the attention of Your List…long enough to entice them to buy

This specific lead list doesn’t recognize or have any relationship with the Business Marketing.

Even when you have a lead list that would benefit from your product and services it still takes cutting through all the rest of the marketing noise. Here in this example we had the home address as well as the email address.

A. Getting the attention of your list with direct mail. I personally have experience a lot of success using dimensional mail.

Dimensional mailing when you mail anything to your prospects that stands out because it is more than a flat peace of mail.

B. Getting the attention of your list with email. I personally have had a lot of success with email leads providing a free offer then using the content inside the free offer to outline my unique selling proposition along with a direct call to action with a deadline. (think of this like a mini product launch.

Bonus Leads Tip #3 – Increase your number of Touches

Effectively Sequencing Direct Mail and email – The more often you mail to your leads of course to a certain point, the higher your conversion will be.

By Michael Williams

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