Why Do Tradesman Need Public Liability Insurance?

Why Do Tradesman Need Public Liability Insurance?

An area being talked a lot about at the moment is Public Liability Insurance and for those of you that don’t understand or know about it, I will provide a brief explanation for you. Public Liability Insurance is cover for tradesman to protect them in the course of their daily work for any Third Party Property Damage or Third Party Injury that they may cause whilst undertaking their job.

Now the explanation is out of the way I will try to explain exactly what this Insurance can cover you for and why tradesman need it whilst they work. First of all I would like to make it clear that this type of insurance is not legally compulsory and is therefore something that can be overlooked by many.

However, with the cover that it provides, more and more people are insisting that anybody who works on their property are fully covered by this so that if something bad was to happen, they know that they will be able to claim back on the tradesman’s Public Liability Insurance. Also if you are going to work on a building site then the head contractor will usually insist that you cannot work or be paid until there is an insurance policy in place.

There are hundreds of trades that can be covered under a Public Liability Insurance Policy ranging from a Hairdresser or Beautician to a Roofer or Electrician and everything in between. Each trade is rated differently depending on the damage that could conceivably be caused during the line of work, for example a roofer is a highly rated trade as where they work high up then things like falling tools could be something which could happen either on to a person below or even a car which could cause some considerable damage falling from that height.

One of the other main explanations of what you would be covering with this type of policy is say a carpet fitter was about to lay a new carpet and whilst they were bringing the roll of carpet into the property they knocked a rare painting off the wall or knocked a vase off a table then obviously they would be liable for the cost of repair or the replacement of these articles and the Public Liability Insurance can cover this.

The final explanation that I would like to talk about is something that seems to be happening regularly these days and that is injuries caused by tradesman such as builders or bricklayers leaving their tools lying around and someone else tripping over them, of course if the person has a bad fall then they could break a bone and be out of work for some time and they will obviously hold the person who left the tool lying around responsible.

In this instance the claim could be quite costly; this is why the limit of Public Liability Insurance you can get is £ 1,000,000, £2,000,000 or £5,000,000 which will cover almost anything that could happen.

To summarize although this is not a legally needed policy it is surely one that all tradesman can not do without as we can never tell what will happen during the course of a days work and accidents will happen, so why not get that extra protection just in case something like the above does happen.

By  Marissa  Oldman

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