Why Focusing on the “20” Can Keep You Stuck

Why Focusing on the “20” Can Keep You Stuck

It’s another day in the world of email communication. As you are going through the hundreds of emails in your inbox you find one from a client. As you read the email you find out that your client hasn’t been very happy and they are asking you for a refund. Ugh.

Then you check your shopping cart and realize that you had over 100 un-subscribes in the last 72 hours (and only 10 subscribes.) That ugly voice in your head is starting to murmur negative chatter now.

You shrug it off and keep going. You can’t make everyone happy, right? Then the UPS guy shows up with a box. After opening it up you see it’s a product return.

Ay carumba. That’s it. The ugly voice takes over and you claim your “loser status” to the world. You decide to call it a day and pack it in. You head to the beach (or the pool, or your bed) with your favorite People Magazine. At least the stars’ lives are way more complicated than yours.

Sound familiar?

It’s really easy to get caught up and lose perspective when negative information comes your way about what you offer. You put your life-blood into what you create. It’s like calling your baby ugly. No one likes to get negative feedback, its human nature. So what do you do when you feel overwhelmed with too much of it?

You have to stay focused on the “80” not the “20.”

Remember the old 80/20 rule? It’s time to get some perspective. Look at the facts. Over a one month (or one year if it helps) period, how many sales do you have versus the returns? My guess is it is probably closer to 80% happy clients and only 20% unhappy buyers.

As the leader of your company, your mindset is your most valuable asset. If you start focusing on the things that go wrong, you lose perspective on all the amazing things you are doing right!

What you focus on expands. If you let your mind focus on what’s not working you will get overwhelmed, frustrated, angry and possibly confused about how to fix it. That is not a very creative, powerful space to lead your company from. And I know that an overwhelmed mind does not easily create more revenue.

So your job is to stay focused on the 80% of the people who love and adore you. Stay focused on all the things you already do well. Keep your attention on what is positive. When feedback comes in about something that isn’t working, create systems to handle it.

Here are three possibilities:

o Have your personal administrator “field” negative feedback. Have them track the important pieces that can help you fix problems and just chuck the rest in the trash can.

o Have a monthly or quarterly call with your team to discuss “best practices” and solutions. Agree on a strategy to resolve the problems and date by when it will be done.

o Make a commitment to be problem-solvers vs. problem-dwellers.

Problem-dwellers suck the life out of you. Empower your team to solve problems and suggest solutions that help your company achieve your desired outcome.

Most importantly, you have to stay in control of where your mind goes. It is so easy to spiral down when you let your mental chatter go into the negative. Staying focused on the 80% is a way to retrain your brain to respond with power so you can grow.

By Michael Williams

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